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Term & Conditions

SIFA GmbH can only act on behalf of a client (e.g. requesting information or quotes) when a brokerage agreement was signed. This excludes the first information meeting.  SIFA GmbH represents the interest of its client vis-à-vis insurance companies and fund providers.

The services SIFA GmbH provides within the scope of the brokerage agreement are free of charge to the client. All other consulting and service works will be charged at an hourly rate.


Content of this website

No legal claim against Swiss Insurance & Financial Advisors (SIFA) GmbH may be made pertaining to the contents published on this website. SIFA GmbH takes no responsibility for links to other websites.

Insurance benefits

SIFA GmbH cannot be held accountable for claims for insurance benefits. Solely the insurance company decides in the case of a claim whether benefits are paid out or not. SIFA GmbH cannot be held responsible for quotes from insurers. Surplus in the life insurance field is generally not guaranteed, please see the appropriate conditions in your insurance contract.

Money laundering

SIFA GmbH is committed to comply with all money laundering laws as well as the individual guidelines of the insurance providers and asset management companies. The client has the obligation to render all necessary information.

Protection of data privacy

The federal law on data protection (Bundesgesetz über den Datenschutz) applies. Client data is only handed out to third parties provided that the mandate requires it.
Data which is transmitted over the internet is not always safe from the access of unauthorized persons. If you wish to be absolutely safe, we recommend to send all requests via mail.


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